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Abstract/Presentation guidelines


Abstract guidelines

(abstract submission closed 15 July)

We invite early-career researchers (up to 5 years after PhD, with consideration for career breaks and other circumstances.) to share their research on sclerochronological archives, such as corals, mollusks shells, fish otoliths, coralline algae, and many others!  We seek contributions on all topics from climate and ocean science, archaeology and human history, biology, mineralogy, ecology, and other areas spanning the field of sclerochronology.

Click here for links to conference abstract books from previous (in-person) ISCs.


  • Only 1 abstract submission is allowed per early-career attendee

  • Keep your abstract within 250 words

  • Do not include citations or references in your abstract

Presentation guidelines

Early-career presenters received confirmation of abstract acceptance in late July. All presenters are expected to give a ~3 minute lightning talk and a poster. Please contact if you submitted an abstract but did not receive instructions for submitting your presentation (check your email spam/junk folder).

(deadline to submit presentation files was 5 September)


  • Create your poster in landscape format (best for viewing on computer screens). 16:9 aspect ratio is optimal.

  • Your poster file should be at least 1000 x 600 px and no larger than 3 MB.

  • Save your poster as a jpg/jpeg or png with the filename "Lastname_poster.jpg" (or ".png").

  • Submit your poster via the link sent by email to presenters.


Participants browsing the virtual poster hall will be able to click on your poster and view it full-screen. They will be able to zoom in on different parts of your poster. When you stand next next to your poster in the virtual poster hall, visitors will be able to interact with you (live video, audio, or chat).


  • Lightning talks are limited to 1 slide (page) in landscape format.

  • No animations should be used.

  • Save your slide as a pdf or powerpoint slide with the filename "Lastname_LT.pdf" (or “.pptx”).

  • Submit your lightning talk via the link sent by email to presenters.


Lightning talks are meant to provide a preview of your work, not a complete overview. Lightning talks will be delivered live. Your slides will be shown on screen at your scheduled time slot. The moderators will control slide advancement.


Presenters may provide a single-page profile that will be displayed next to your poster in the poster hall. Your profile may contain pictures (of you or something related to your work), contact information (e.g., email address, link to personal webpage, social media, etc), and a short bio. You are welcome to use the template, or create your own design.

  • Save your file as jpg/jpeg or png with the filename "Lastname_profile.jpg" (or ".png").

  • Submit your file via link sent by email to presenters.

​Some presenters may wish to pre-record a full-length (10-12 minute) talk to provide in addition to the lightning talk and poster session. A link to the recorded talk will be available to participants near the corresponding poster in the poster hall. The recorded talk can take any format. We encourage participants to view any recorded talks outside of plenary hours (not during the poster sessions). Presenters should notify if you plan to pursue this option or need help.

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